Transformed Clients


A few weeks ago I was struggling with multiple issues at one time. I was about to have a mental breakdown and was feeling like all was lost. I was experiencing intense anxiety and fear. I could feel these emotions in my throat and chest as a burdening pressure. Thankfully, I was able to get on a call with Richard. First, he listened to my concerns and feelings then individually took each negative emotion I was experiencing through processes that I was able to release them. After our call I felt so much relief, hope, and gratitude for life. I had been suffering from those extreme emotions for several days and by the end of our phone call I felt like the sun had come out of the clouds and all was well in my world again.

I couldn’t believe the transformation I had just experienced. The rest of my day was 110% better than before. I was able to move forward from that point. I am so grateful to have Richard as my coach.



What Richard does is powerful stuff. He took me from an outwardly confident person to an inwardly confident person which makes me more genuine and authentic. My business saw 600% growth in the time I have been working with him.

Everyone, everyone, needs a Richard in their lives.


Alberta, Canada




Richard creates a positive, trust-filled safe space in which his clients can explore deeply.

He has coached me for six months on various aspects of my life and adapted and responded to my changing needs with ease throughout this time. Richard asks powerful, thought-provoking questions that have deeply challenged some of my old belief systems and freed me to be with myself and others in profound new ways.

I am grateful to Richard for the space he has created for me to evolve!​


New Zealand

Richard is a master of his craft. Richard really inspired me to be a better coach and a better person. If you are feeling stuck, not clear on your goals, feeling overwhelmed, and trying to figure out what’s holding you back – then suggest connecting with Richard. Richard helped me with removing any blockages, limiting beliefs, and really light up the knowledge within me. I feel propelled into my future and knowing I can tap into my unconscious mind to manifest my goals and dreams. Richard knows what he is doing. You really want him on your comer as a coach.


Doctor, The Company Two Ltd.

Richard is an exceptional coach!

With a genuine passion for people, he intuitively knows how to connect to the heart of the client.

In a calm yet purposeful way, Richard’s coaching space not only inspires direction, it propels movement beyond any expectation.

A heartfelt thank you.


British Columbia, Canada

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for helping me release some difficult and sticky emotions.  I can really feel it now – this emotional baggage was affecting my decisions and it was causing my energy to lower. I was getting out of alignment by carrying so much extra weight. I had the right coping skills, but it just wasn’t quite enough. It is nice to have a goals and action items in mind to keep me on the right path.

For me I feel like I just woke up, a weight has been lifted, and I feel happy & balanced. 

Thank you ever so much. 


Richard Haynes. Or as I sometimes refer to him, the wizard, is an amazing Coach. What I have learned, is that it is true, when people say “coaching is not for me”. Because they have yet to learn their potential of what they can be. Also these people do not know, what they do not know. Coaching with Richard has helped me excel with life. We focused on my business but the benefits of working with him were noticeable in every area of my daily life.

Over the past 2 years of coaching with Richard, I have been able to take my business from a place of minor growth (about 5% per year) to growing at a rate of 55% each year, over the last two years.

Most of this growth I can attribute to working with Richard. He didn’t tell me any “trade secrets” or at least none that I know of (for some reason I can vaguely recall a hypnosis session). What I did learn is that I had the focus and drive that I wanted to have. I just didn’t know how to unlock it, and that’s what Richard is amazing at. There are too many tools to list that Richard uses, it is something you truly have to experience yourself.

I would highly recommend Richard Haynes of Empower Potential Coaching to people who want to do more and take themselves to the next level.


Property Restoration Specialist