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“Success Is Best When It’s Shared.” ~ Howard Schultz

Andrew Anderson

Andrew grew up in Boise, ID. He served a two-year service mission for his church to Belgium and France. He went on to receive a master’s degree in Education and loved teaching high school students for six years. Since 2015, Andrew has cultivated this teaching passion as a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, and coach, helping individuals break through limiting beliefs, transform their lives and businesses and find lasting freedom.

When away from work, you can find Andrew with his family on the soccer field, basketball court, recital halls, or the mountains of Idaho. His wife and seven kids drive his Life Mission.

At the end of the day, know this: Andrew will take a stand for your greatness more than you will stand for your own limitations. He will fight harder for your possibilities than you do.

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Doug Richens

High-Performance Coach and Expert in Compassion Science Doug is the leader that other leaders turn to for help. His gentle manner coupled with his expertise and relentless pursuit of better is contagious. During his 25-year professional journey, Doug has worked with thousands of individuals, organizations and governments in over 40 countries. He has a remarkable gift of quickly connecting with people and leading them towards new discoveries and effective

Doug’s years of executive leadership as well as front-line exposure to the most tragic of human conditions around the world has helped him become a candid and witty voice that can be trusted. Always the learner, Doug has advanced degrees and certification from top institutions including studies in neuroscience and compassion from Stanford University.

Doug is among an elite group of in-demand high-performance coaches, speakers
and authors. He is a strong advocate for a balanced work and family life. Doug and his wife Jeanine seek to live simply. Together with their six children they focus on unconditional love, lots of fun, and meaningful service.

Melissa DeLuca

Melissa has over 25 years of experience with companies like Google and Cisco where she built and led successful global HR teams and was a Top 10 business salesperson. She is the founder and CEO of DeLuca & Willow, which is a coaching business built to empower people to win in business and life.

Melissa leverages her certifications in five different cutting-edge coaching modalities to help her clients get extraordinary results quickly.

Diane Dean

Diane is a Master Certified Coach Principal of The Learner’s Edge, LLC, Master Certified Coach, Certified Global Team Coach, with over 30 years experience, a Certified Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming and spent ten years as head of Learning and Development for Tokyo Electron US Holdings, an international corporation.

She is qualified to use several assessments such as the Leadership Circle Profile 360 as the founder of The Learner’s Edge, Diane enjoys working with all levels of leaders and learners so they are successful and satisfied in their careers.

Alice Mar Rocher

Alice, Founder of Mea Crescendo, has an advanced degree in her field and over two decades experience in senior leadership. She is an ICF Certified iPEC coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, ELI Master Practitioner, and Hogan Consultant.

Her mission is to guide clients around the globe to develop a strong leadership presence, expand their influence, and lead with powerful communication, mental and behavioral flexibility, and inspirational energy.

Jade Alyssa

Jade has been in the design and marketing industry for over 18 years having worked both at a boutique marketing firm and independently. Over the past few years, she’s been pursuing coaching as a natural compliment to marketing strategies as it became obvious that it’s a challenge to market yourself (or your business) if you don’t know who you REALLY are.

Her inquisitive nature, consistent pursuit of growth and desire for helping people become more connected with themselves, others and their environment is a true gift. With Jade, you get authentic, non-judgemental guidance helping you deepen into your unique gifts.

Jade’s mission is to help others to create more freedom, connection and impact in their world.

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