Finding My True North

Discovering a Passion for Others

The earliest memory I have of a career interest in the development and excellence of people happened when I was working as a limousine chauffeur before my first year of University. As I waited for a customer at the airport, the man standing beside me spoke of a retreat in Banff that weekend for people who were interested in developing and achieving their personal best. All I remember is knowing I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing this as a career!

Finding a Different Path

I went on to attend university, and in hopes of pursuing this career, I started on the path of Human Resources Management (HR). In my third year at the University of Calgary I went to my first full HR class where the instructor told us, if we were planning to pursue a career in HR because we wanted to help people, we were in the wrong class. He went on to explain that HR was about benefits, retirement, buyouts, mergers and doing what was best for the corporation, and not necessarily best for the employees. I knew HR was not the right path for me then, so I switched to finance.

I completed my undergraduate degree with a sense of accomplishment and worked at a bank before I landed a corporate job as a Facilities Manager. I was happy to have begun a career, with a family at home to support. The discussion in the airport was now a distant memory.

5 Years Later

The True Roadmap
It was time to go back to university for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The true change in my life came with an optional course I took, “Coaching for Performance”. I felt the principles of professional coaching speak to me and even after graduating I couldn’t stop talking about this amazing course. One of my friends and colleagues went back and took this course after the MBA was done because many of us kept telling him how great it was. Little did I know that his actions would change my career direction.

Meant to Help Others
He used me as a “practice” client. Some of his questions made me uncomfortable, but he pushed me to face old beliefs, and the breakthrough feeling was incredible. I was able to see and feel everything in my life through new eyes, and I felt more present than I had in years. I remembered the call I had felt so many years before while standing and talking to the gentleman in the airport. I knew that I needed to be a coach and that my own alignment and integrity depended upon helping people.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

True North
In January of 2019, after 13 years employed, and with 5 kids (3 of them teenagers thinking of university) at home, I did the scariest thing of my life! I left my comfortable job as a Senior Facilities Manager to start my journey as an entrepreneur and pursue my life mission by coaching full time. There were times in this journey where I looked back wondering if I had made the right decision, but with the support of my own coach and my passion and love for helping others excel, I was back to my old income in a year.

Why I do this
​My personal mission is to help others achieve their potential in life and to fulfill their dreams, their hopes and aspirations.

I am deeply committed to each client and my goal is to help all of them shine! My intention is to help each individual be their best self, which is the true key to their success.

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