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These courses are for you if you are looking to find a clear direction forward in your life. These courses are here to push you to be your best.  

Benefits of Our Training

We strive to provide you with focus and direction.




Strong Goals


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Available Courses

Leadership and Influence

Our coaches teach effective communication, ways to expand your impact, and the ability to truly find a deeper connection with the people around you. Mutual goals and a strong path forward are foundations of this course.

Course Info: Syntax for Change

Who this course is for: Leaders, coaches, and client focused business owners. Anyone who needs a strong connection with the people around them. 

Richard Haynes With Client

Stress Management

Richard teaches a course on not only how to manage stress, but more importantly he helps you understand yourself so that you can come up with a customized strategy to manage stress and stay mentally sharp.

Who this course is for: Anyone dealing with stress in their personal and professional lives. This is also for you if you have clients dealing with stress that you would like to help.

Custom Courses

We want to help your team in both their business and personal lives. We will work with you to build a course that is effective and puts your team on the right path.


Our team is highly experienced in finding direction in their clients lives. They will help you head in the right direction. 

Alice Mar Rocher

Alice Mar Rocher

CEO, Mea Crescendo

Alice Mar Rocher holds a Master of Adult Education and Human Resource Leadership Development from the University of Texas at Austin and has over twenty years of experience in leading, coaching and motivating others to peak performance. A Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming through the Association of Integrative Psychology and Energy Leadership Coach, Alice facilitates accelerated competency development programs, workshops, presentations and customized coaching for leaders who want to embody success and inspiring presence.  Her clients can achieve mastery in influence, communication, flexibility, and energy from within.

Melissa DeLuca

Melissa DeLuca

CEO, DeLuca & Willow

The vision for DeLuca & Willow is to empower executives and teams to win in business and life. Melissa leverages her 25 years of technology industry business experience with companies like Google and Cisco where she built and led successful global HR teams and was a Top 10 business salesperson. She designed, planned and executed over 50 large-scale organizational changes with quantified $MM business results.  Melissa leverages her certifications in five different cutting edge coaching modalities to help her clients get extraordinary results quickly.  These include Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming,  Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

    Richard Haynes

    Richard Haynes

    CEO, Empower Potential Coaching

    The mission for Empower Potential Coaching is to teach and help others to achieve their potential in life and to have fulfilment of their hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Richard loves to see others shine with success that only happens by tapping into their own gifts and talents and truly moving forward with what they want in life.  To help others do this he has an MBA, is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and has multiple professional coaching certifications. He has been intently studying coaching and influence for over a decade although he will tell you it is something that has fascinated him for his whole life.