I’m Richard Haynes

I’m here to help you identify the obstacle preventing you from the momentum you know you’re capable of and the life that is meant for you.

I Want For You, What I Claimed For Myself.

My focus is strong and purposeful, and my alignment and integrity depend on helping people walk in their highest potential.

In January of 2019, after 13 years employed, and with 5 kids (3 of them teenagers thinking of university) at home, I did the scariest, and most fulfilling thing I could do for my life! I left the comfortable career I had earned my MBA for, to start my journey as an entrepreneur and pursue the mission of my life ‘s work, transformational coaching.

There were times in the beginning of this journey where I experienced doubt in my decision, but stronger than any of those doubts, I have always been reminded of my inner truth; that I am committed to claiming the highest potential of my life – guiding others to do the same in their own uniqueness.

I want for you what I claimed for myself, for you to achieve and walk in your highest potential.

Dedicated To Being Your Guide

The journey to discover my life’s purpose has always been fueld by deep
curiosity and dedication to education.

With an education (MBA) and extensive career background in business , I became a Certified Professional Coach in 2015 and a few months later received another certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’ve continued my career in personal growth and development by studying NLP and becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP and then accomplishing my dream to become an Integrative NLP Coach.

Integrative NLP Coach
Master Practitioner of NLP
Certied Professional Coach
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce

Experience & Recognition
Founder and President of Empower Potential Coaching
PCC with the International Coach Federation
President of BNI Elevate
AWARD – NEW 2020
Notable Networker Award with BNI
ToastMaster Active Member
Instructor for Lethbridge College

Ways We Can Work Together


Dedicated one-on-one support in a private coaching setting. Working on specific barriers or unlocking certain behaviors etc…


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Self-paced resources backed by periodic individual support backed by a community support.


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From keynoting conferences, participating in panel led discussions to leadership meetings and teambuilding retreats. Richard’s personalized approach will help your audience open their minds to envisioning their own life’s highest potential.


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To access your greater potential and to move into that amazing vision you have for your life Give yourself the help and support you need to navigate this journey.


When we remove the shackles from our own mind, the only thing left is possibility; focus on removing excuses and aligning on possibility and believe the stories that take us to where we want to go! This is, the path to success.

– Richard Haynes


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